MyoVision Scanner

"Introducing the World's Most Advanced sEMG Analysis Tool
for Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and General Practitioners"


The MyoVision System is designed to provide visual physiological signals corresponding to muscle activity (surface EMG) generated by human body. The system is useful in helping physicians to assess the conditions of the patients in soft tissue injury and muscle imbalance about the spine and other regions. The system can also be used for tracking and documenting patient progress throughout the treatment of muscle relaxation training and muscle reeducation.


Surface EMG measures the electrical impulses generated when a muscle contracts. It functions in the same manner as an ECG for your heart but is even more sensitive. When there is nerve interference present, muscles will fire to compensate for this, and create an abnormal pattern of muscle firing. This is seen as bars on a graph in the MyoVision software. The further the bars extended from the spine, the higher the muscle activity.

This information provides healthcare professionals with instant biofeedback on the musculoskeletal condition of their patients. It also provides the patient with valuable information regarding muscle tension within their body. This measured data is an objective tool that provides both a qualitative and quantitative representation of how your muscular system is functioning.


What do they mean?

Colors in the MyoVision graphical representation indicate levels of tension within the paraspinal muscles: green are average, pink are moderately high, and red are high levels of tension. Yellow readings indicate abnormally low or fatigued muscles. Arrows indicate an imbalance.

For more info on the MyoVision System please have a look at their webiste.


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